Bagpipe Contest in Gela – Ilinden 2016

Become already traditional festival it attracts every year thousands of tourists who comes to enjoy of the performances of the bagpipers, the wonderful views of the Rhodope Mountains. Graceful dances, songs and bagpipe melodies resound Rhodopes for two days during the festival. Most of the visitors stay in a tent under the sky of the mountain, the camp is with more than 100 tents and positioned at Ilinden’s hills of Rhodope ridge of Karluk, from where there is a panoramic view of the Rhodope fields and forests.

Bagpipe festival consist performance of three age groups –  up to 14 years old; up to 20 years old and over 20 years old participants. Traditional bagpipe festival is a competitive and usually begins in the morning and continues until there are willing to show up. Traditionally, the program is well supported and there are free lessons from bagpipe masters. The whole festival is held under the sign of unity – people of different ethnicity and religions together and unlock the magic of the Rhodope Mountains.

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