The Devil’s Throat cave

A 300 000 years old cave. Its total length is 1km, and the length of the improved route is 350m. In this cave you can find the biggest cascade of waterfalls on the Balkan peninsula, with a total height of 60m. According to the legend this is the place where Orpheus went down into the kingdom of the specters, in search of his beloved Euridica.

Yagodina cave

This is the longest cave on the Balkan peninsula (10km). It is located in the canyon valley of the river Buinovska 2 km to the west of the village of Yagodina. One who dares to explore these caves will be rewarded with a once in a lifetime experience. The cave is of karst type and it is five stories tall, with many labyrinths and abysses inside. Part of the cave is electrified and reveals mysterious formations: draperies, pipe-like stalactites, cave pearls, leopard skin and many hanging stalactites. Some of the formations inside resemble the well-known Santa Claus, Snow-White and The Seven Dwarfs, Virgin Mary and her newborn child, Elephant, and some characters from the Bulgarian culture and tradition. The New Year’s hall is of great interest too.

Cave Lednitsata

Cave Lednitsata is a dry cave situated in Mursalitsa mount in the Western Rhodopes at an altitude above sea-level of 1,535 m. A narrow entrance leads to a big hall from whose ceiling ice stalactites hang during winter and spring. In this cave there are also sinter lakes with a lot of cave pearls.

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