The bath is being built using an original technology and classic Russian natural materials. Irresistibly exciting experience in a place filled with comfort and warmth.The reduction of stress and relaxation that you can get here is not a luxury – it is a way of life. Leave all concerns and enjoy the silence.Stay as long as you want since here the time is of no importance.

History and facts about the Russian bath

One of the main things Russia is famous for is the Russian bath.Russian people say that the bath may burns but gives health. Steam bath is relaxing , rejuvenating procedure and it is not a secret that it is one of the best ways to eliminate fatigue. Million of people use the steam bath to keep their beauty, health and vitality.For centuries the bath is considered one of the best places for recreation. The history of traditional Russian bath stems from the Skythians tribe who lived in territory of Russia.They put hot stones in a tent.Sitting on the stones they were pouring themselves over water and herbal infusion. Steam procedures improve blood circulation and train cardiovascular system, also help to normalize blood pressure , assist in treating injuries, dislocations, sprains, kidney disease. Air saturated with steam improves the activity of the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs and affects body thermoregulation.
Russian bath provides excellent cosmetic effects of the body- cleans and saturates the skin with oxygen.It is a graet way of accelerating one’s metabolism and removing the harmful bacteria and fungus disease. Russian bath also helps getting over a cold, bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, improves mood and relieves stress.