Shiroka laka

This is a village – museum- an architectural and ethnographic reserve famous for its original Rhodope architectural style, musical tradition and its history. It is built in the narrow and steep valley of Shirokolushka river at the foot of Western Rhodopes at 1060 m above sea level.The village is situated 6 km south of Village of Gela and 11 km north-west of Pamporovo winter resort.


Smolyan is the most important place in central Rhodopes.It is located in picturesque valley about 1000 m above sea level., 30 km east of village of gela.The city is famous for its charming mix of old and new architecture.The famous Smolyan lakes are close to Smolyan. The lakes used to numbered twenty but now there are only seven of them. Pamporovo Pamporovo is the third resort in Bulgaria after Borovetz and Bansko.It is located in west Rhodopes in the region of Perelik at 1500 m above sea level.