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Awake for nature – the mountain trails of Gela

October 31, 2023 /
Awake for nature - the mountain trails of Gela

Our experience shows us that most of you choose the mountain routes before you even cross the threshold of Gela. We know exactly why that is – you can’t wait to create new memories and unforgettable experiences. Every merge with nature brings a sense of inner peace, inspiration and charge.

Gela is among the most picturesque spots of the Rhodope Mountains and offers its visitors spectacular views, colourful natural treasures and numerous opportunities for activities in the fresh air. A great advantage are the numerous routes that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the unspoilt nature and explore its raw beauty.

You can now find a list of some of these routes on our website.
Here you will also find descriptions, maps, the difficulty level and duration of the routes, as well as photos to help you choose the one that is right for you. The list includes a variety of options for every taste and fitness level, so both beginners and experienced hikers will be satisfied.

However, if you’re looking for more walking and hiking ideas, Wikiloc is your guide to dozens of hiking routes and eco-trails in the region. What’s even better is that the app provides tips, photos and reviews from other hikers who have shared their experiences. Details of each hike await you there and, of course, you have the option to post information about your own adventures.

Whether you’re a mountaineer deep in your heart or just want to experience quiet moments amongst beauty and tranquillity, the trails in the mountains around Gela are an inexhaustible source of opportunities. And remember – the closer you are to the heart of nature, the further away from stress and fatigue.