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Gela village – in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains

December 18, 2023 /

Gela village - in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains

In the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, nestled in nature, lies Gela – one of the most picturesque villages in Bulgaria, preserving its Renaissance architecture. History and the beauty of nature merge, making Gela a cosy place with a special charm.

Thick pine forests keep known and unknown stories, just imagine what they would tell us if they could talk. The village of Gela boasts rich traditions and folklore heritage.

The place is shrouded in mystique and legends related to ancient Rhodope beliefs. The legend of the “Wedding of the Thracian Gods” is just one of the stories that circulate through generations.

Did you know that according to legends the area of Gela is considered the birthplace of the Thracian singer Orpheus? One of the rarest plants in Europe, which is famous for its incredible healing properties, is also named after him. We are talking about Haberlea rhodopensis – Orpheus flower, included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. It grows in hard-to-reach crevices on the cliffs of the Rhodope Mountains and, according to legend, was born from the blood of Orpheus, and according to scientists, dates back even before the ice ages.

Gela village - in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains

Going back to the traditions, one of the special events that take place near the village is the Gaidar over-whistling and the traditional gathering on the Ilinden meadows.

The wonders of the Rhodopes are innumerable – the village of Gela is surrounded by fabulous mountain landscapes. Nearby are some of the most spectacular natural attractions of the Rhodopes, including the Yagodinska Cave, Trigrad Gorge, Devil’s Throat, Bedensky Baths deposit, Eagle’s Eye panoramic site and many others.

Hikes in Gela range from hiking trails through the Rhodope Mountains to eco-trails that lead to waterfalls and amazing views. There are routes for beginners and experienced mountaineers alike.

The village of Gela boasts the title of one of the places with the cleanest air in the world, but what accounts for this phenomenon? The secret lies in negative ionization due to the fion wind coming from the Aegean Sea. Besides being clean, the air is also healing