Rodopy Mountains provide some of the best ski touring terrains in Bulgaria. This experience can be enjoyed by first-time or experienced touring parties.

A personalised touring package

The Alpine Touring package is for small groups. We will put together a customised ski touring trip into the high mountains of Perelik area which is the highest point of Rodopy. Access to the mountains is made by bus and we base ourselves at mountain village called Gela. Every fine day is spent traveling through the region, exploring this pristine wilderness, and making turns through incredible untracked terrain.

Seasonality –December to May

The early winter (December – January) offers a greater chance of powder skiing. Days are short and temperatures cold – perfect for keeping your powder dry!
The spring (April – May) brings a higher chance of corn snow – better suited to first-time backcountry skiers. The days are longer and warmer. Snow cover is at its maximum.

Experience required:
  • Good level of fitness
  • Strong-intermediate skiing ability