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Hiking Trails

September 27, 2023 /

Undoubtedly, one of the treasures in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains is the hiking trails. The Rhodope Mountains offer incredible adventures suitable for hiking, climbing, and cycling, making it a true paradise for mountain and sports lovers. All of this can be experienced in the vast palm of nature.

For more detailed information about the routes, you can download Wikiloc app or refer to the Tourist Guide in our hotel.

Here are but a few of the hiking trails:

– Gela – Mt. Ilinden – Shiroka Laka (5 hours)

– Gela – Perelik Peak (6 hours)

– Gela – Turlata Peak (3.5 hours)

– Gela – Orpheus Peak (3.5 hours)

– Gela – Lednitsata Cave (1.5 hours)

– Gela – Thracian fortress “Gradishte” (3 hours)

– Gela – The Flower of Orpheus Rock (0.2 hours)

– Eco-trail “Struilitsa” (2.5 hours) – Eco-trail “Soskovcheto” Waterfall Canyon (3 hours)