Gela - Family Hotel

Restaurant “Zuna”

Fresh and delicious dishes,
prepared with natural seasonal products

Restaurant "Zuna"

Sometimes the road to good food and the celestial rainbow have a common beginning – The Restaurant “Zuna” (from Thracian language – celestial rainbow).

Our restaurant offers fresh and natural dishes that are seasonally inspired and prepared just for you. You can enjoy the warmth and aroma of the fireplace while listening to the crackling of the logs. During the warmer months, our terrace becomes the perfect setting for culinary adventures. The experience is enhanced by the stunning natural surroundings of the hotel, which you can enjoy for hours.



Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the ultimate culinary experience is achieved through a combination of food, wine, and emotions. To create this unique experience, we focus on several key factors, including a pleasant atmosphere, cozy environment, exceptional service, and food that is truly unique and memorable.

Our cuisine is heavily influenced by traditional Bulgarian, particularly Rhodopean, culinary customs. We carefully select our ingredients and incorporate creativity and an author’s touch into every dish.