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The Last Survival

September 27, 2023 /

The Training Camp (The Last Survival) is an experience that will not only be memorable but also provide you with practical knowledge related to personal safety. The camp is led by a professional specialized in security and defence, who is also an instructor in shooting training, combat techniques, and functional weight training. The exercises are designed to provide a realistic simulation in self-defence and other areas, allowing participants to adapt effectively during the camp.

Duration: 2 days

No. of participants: 10-15.

1. Physical training (PE)

– exercises with own weight

– functionality and elasticity

2. Mountain transition

– lecture: what we need to know about the mountain

– preparation and equipment

– basics of orientation

3. CPR (first aid)

– basics in providing medical assistance.

4. Commando Krav Maga an Israeli system of self-defence based on a military system for neutralizing opponents in the shortest possible time

– Self-defence and action against an attacker

– Reaction and protection (protect your family)

– Behaviour and Reaction against an attacker with a weapon.