Gela - Family Hotel

What to do

Класическа руска баня

Classic Russian Bath

The traditional Russian steam bath is an experience that can be described in many ways, but it is always refreshing and emotionally recharging. Russians have various sayings about the bath, such as “with light steam”, “in the bath, there are

Outdoor Hot Stone Springs

Located 13 km away from Hotel Gela, at the Bedenski Bani site, there is an outdoor hot stone bath with mineral water on the Shiroka Laka River. The water has a high mineralization level and a temperature of 76°C, with

Тренировъчен лагер

The Last Survival

The Training Camp (The Last Survival) is an experience that will not only be memorable but also provide you with practical knowledge related to personal safety. The camp is led by a professional specialized in security and defence, who is

Туристически преходи

Hiking Trails

Undoubtedly, one of the treasures in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains is the hiking trails. The Rhodope Mountains offer incredible adventures suitable for hiking, climbing, and cycling, making it a true paradise for mountain and sports lovers. All of

Rappelling and Zip Lining

Rappelling involves using ropes and specialized equipment to descend a vertical surface, such as a cliff or building. Zip lining, on the other hand, involves sliding down a cable or wire while suspended from a harness on pulley system. If