Gela - Family Hotel

Classic Russian Bath

September 27, 2023 /

The traditional Russian steam bath is an experience that can be described in many ways, but it is always refreshing and emotionally recharging. Russians have various sayings about the bath, such as “with light steam”, “in the bath, there are no generals”, and “the boss needs a bath with a broom”. At Hotel “Gela” visitors can enjoy a high-mountain relaxation area and the only authentic Russian bath of its kind.

Our Russian bath is created entirely from aspen wood logs (an analogue in Bulgaria is the tree trembling), obtained in Siberia and assembled in “Gela” without a single nail.

There is something interesting about using the Russian bath – it requires specific skill. The “Bath Master” must know how to properly light the stove, how much water to pour onto the stones, and how to work with the brooms, which are the most important aspect of the bath. Brooms are made from young, flexible branches, usually birch or oak, and sometimes medicinal and aromatic herbs are added. They are used to “whip” the hot air in the bath and provide a massage, alternating between stroking, tapping, pressing, and rubbing with varying force. This massage warms up, relaxes, and improves blood circulation in the skin and tissues, and the biologically active ingredients are absorbed by the skin. The water in which the broom was steeped can be used for healing or for additional steam in the bath. At the end of the bath, the broom is also used for inhalation by pressing it against the face and inhaling deeply several times.

However, it is important to remember that the bath, whether Russian or Finnish, is not a miraculous cure. It mainly serves to purify the body and mind, and for prevention and maintenance of health.