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Планетариум - Смолян

Smolyan Planetarium

On September 6, 1975, the largest Planetarium with a national astronomical observatory in Bulgaria opened its doors in Smolyan. Smolyan is a tourist centre in the Western Rhodopes and lies 800 m above sea level, near the famous winter resort

НАО - Рожен

National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen

The National Astronomical Observatory (NAO) Rozhen is the largest astronomical observatory on the Balkan Peninsula and in Southeast Europe. It is an ideal place for young explorers, and anyone interested in learning more about the secrets of the Universe. Visit

Село Гела


Have you heard the legend of Orpheus, the mythical Thracian singer whose music enchanted wild animals and even made trees fall silent? The story tells that the beauty of Gela Village, located in the central Rhodope Mountains at an altitude

Византийска базилика

The Byzantine Basilica

The Byzantine Basilica located in the village of Gela is an early Christian religious complex situated in the Manastira area, close to the old church of the Holy Trinity. It is part of the highest mountain religious complex in Southeast


The Thracian Fortress Gradishte

The Thracian Fortress, also known as “Gradishte,” is an archaeological site located 3.5 km southwest of the village of Gela. The fortress dates back to the early phase of the Early Iron Age, between the 11th and 9th centuries BC.

Широка Лъка

Cities and Villages

Trigrad, Shiroka Laka Village, Smolyan, Pamporovo Trigrad Trigrad, located 35 km south of Gela, is the most beautiful attraction in the southwestern Rhodope Mountains, with its impressive gorge and caves. As the road winds between the rocks, the sky is

Пещери в Родопите


Devil’s Throat Cave, Haramiyska Cave, Yagodina Cave, Lednitsata Cave, Uhlovitsa Cave, Garga Dere Cave. Devil’s Throat Cave: Located in the Trigrad Gorge, 35 km west of Gela, Devil’s Throat Cave is a UNESCO-protected deep canyon. It is where Orpheus went

Църквата „Света Троица“ в село Гела

Churches and Chapels

Discover the numerous churches and chapels located in and around the village of Gela. The village itself boasts two churches, while there are approximately 35 chapels in the surrounding area. Some of these religious landmarks are situated near the hotel,

Легендата за Орфей

The Legend of Orpheus

The story of Orpheus is a tale from mythology. Orpheus was the son of Calliope and Eagar, and he was renowned for his musical and poetic abilities. His songs were so captivating that they could charm wild animals and bring

Платформа Орлово око

Orlovo Oko Platform

This popular attraction is a platform situated on a rock above the village of Yagodina, at an altitude of over 1500 meters. From the platform, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Buynovsko Gorge, the villages of Borino, Chala,