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September 27, 2023 /

Devil’s Throat Cave, Haramiyska Cave, Yagodina Cave, Lednitsata Cave, Uhlovitsa Cave, Garga Dere Cave.

Devil’s Throat Cave:

Located in the Trigrad Gorge, 35 km west of Gela, Devil’s Throat Cave is a UNESCO-protected deep canyon. It is where Orpheus went to bring Eurydice back to life but also where he lost her forever. Inside the cave, the Trigrad River forms 18 waterfalls, the highest of which is 42 meters and falls into the largest hall of the cave.

Haramiyska Cave:

Haramiyska Cave is located on the opposite hill from Devil’s Throat Cave, in the Trigrad Gorge itself. It consists of two caves connected by a 36-meter abyss. A steep path leads to the cave, after which there is a 20-meter vertical climb. Guides in Devil’s Throat Cave organize climbing at the entrance and descent into the abyss of Haramiyska Cave. There are archaeological finds from the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age.

Yagodina Cave:

Yagodina Cave is located near the village of Yagodina, 40 km southwest of the village of Gela. It is one of the deepest (6450m) and most impressive caves in Bulgaria. This cave is known for its unique pearl drops and other formations, as well as archaeological objects dating back to the 5th and 4th centuries BC.

Lednitsata Cave:

Lednitsata Cave is over 2 km long and entry is only for professionals with special equipment. It is located at a 1.5-hour walk from Hotel Gela.

Uhlovitsa Cave:

Uhlovitsa Cave is one of the underground palaces of the Rhodopes, located 3 km northeast of the village of Mogilitsa. It is one of the oldest caves in the region, with many beautiful dendritic formations resembling coral reefs. The cave ends with 7 incredibly beautiful lakes, which are filled with water early in the spring. The stone streams of a brilliant summer waterfall descend to the large lake. Uhlovitsa Cave is located at an altitude of 1040 meters above sea level, and the temperature inside is 10-11 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The road to the entrance of the cave is a small challenge, but it is worth it to reach the mysterious beauty of this natural wonder.

Garga Dere Cave:

The starting point for the route is located 1.3 km after the village of Koshnitsa, before the Uhlovitsa Cave, Rhodopes. After a short hike along a mountain trail, you reach the Golubovitsa 2 cave, a water cave with underground lakes and streams. With the help of special equipment, you can enter the cave. On the way out, those interested can test their skills in rock climbing and descending the 15-meter slope connecting the entrances of Golubovitsa 2 and Golubovitsa 1. After climbing the connecting passage, you reach the entrance of Golubovitsa 1, which impresses with its variety of secondary cave formations. Not far from the caves, adventure lovers can raise their adrenaline with a “trolley” descent, an alpine rope line 45 meters long, connecting the two slopes of Garga Dere. Adventurers who dare to fly over it at a height of 20 meters above the water basin will remember this unique feeling forever. Those addicted to adventures can choose to hike through the picturesque canyon of Garga Dere to the Garvanyovitsa Cave, located an hour and a half uphill along the flow of the Essenska River. The cave impresses with its unusual whiteness, the result of the accumulation of “cave milk”. The passable cave “Kaleto” near the village of Koshnitsa is one of the natural phenomena in the area. It is a huge rock vault leading to the top, where the remains of an old fortress are located. Adventures, entertainment, and emotions are guaranteed.